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    Obun2 is an innovative initiative that provides expertise in the application of knowledge base management in the field of child rights and human rights.

    Obun2 is a research and development company registered by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The Obun2 team consists of full-time staff, advisors, consultants with extensive experience in the human rights field, communication specialists, lawyers and IT experts. Obun2 maintains close liaison with government agencies at federal and provincial levels.

    Our Team

    Qindeel Shujaat- Executive Director

    Qindeel Shujaat has more than twenty-four years of experience in the fields of children's rights, labour rights, human rights and corporate investment and has had the opportunity to lead organisations at the national and international levels. Mr. Shujaat led SPARC as Executive Director, Child Rights Legal Centre as Executive Director, C2B Asia Co., Ltd. as Managing Director and Maple Voyage (Co.,) Ltd. as Managing Director. He has also served as Technical Advisor to the National Commission on the Rights of Child (NCRC) of the Government of Pakistan, Director of Programmes at Solidarity Center (Amercian Center for International Labor Solidarity), Manager Operations and Manager Communications at Sahil. He has also conducted some leading research on children's rights for the Government of Pakistan, UN and non-governmental organisations in Pakistan.

    Nighat Immad- Director Strategy and Planning

    Nighat Immad has been working in development sector for more than two decades. She has extensive experience in strategic planning, programme and project management, monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment, data management and analysis, reporting and communication, donor compliance with good understanding of human rights. She has held senior positions at Solidarity Centre, Strengthening Participatory Organisation (SPO), TVO and Sahil and currently works for WaterAid in Pakistan. She offers pro bono services to Obun2 as the Director- Strategy and Planning.

    Sadia Atta- Advisor Youth and Children Affairs

    Sadia Atta is an advisor with expertise in youth, child protection and programme management. She has worked as a programme specialist, programme analyst and programme manager with UNFPA in Pakistan and abroad. She is credited for initiating youth policies in various provinces of Pakistan, which have already been adopted by the provinces of Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. She has also worked for Action Aid and Sahil and is one of the pioneers who developed child safety content at Sahil addressing the issue of child sexual abuse.

    Wajahat Ali- Advisor Policy and Law

    Wajahat Ali is a passionate activist for children's rights and a lawyer with a special focus on human and children's rights issues and Pakistani corporate law. His area of expertise is in field of child protection. He has made numerous research contributions in the form of publishing research articles, policy briefs and reports in various national and international journals, magazines, newspapers. Mr. Ali has also worked as a Programme Policy Advisor to the National Commission on the Rights of the Child (NCRC), Government of Pakistan, Islamabad, and has been the point of contact for NCRC parliamentary affairs in the National Assembly and Senate of Pakistan, as well as in government agencies. He also provides free legal, recreational and support services to victims of human and child rights violations.

    Maryam Jawaid- Communications Advisor

    Maryam Jawaid has an educational background in business and law and practical experience in project management, development/design, management and implementation of effective communication strategies. She has worked for National Commission on the Rights of Child (NCRC), Legal Oracles, Attorney General Islamabad High Court, Competititve Support Fund (a project of USAID, GoP), Midas Advertising and Communication and Dopasi Foundation. She has proven experience in developing promotional campaigns for various public and private sectors, including commercials, brochures, publications and information materials.

    Sajjad Hussain- Financial Advisor

    Sajjad Hussain Bakhtiaree has a wealth of experience and qualifications in the field of financial management and accounting. With more than 24 years of experience in both the public and corporate sectors, as well as with national and international funding agencies, he has a good understanding of financial practices and regulations in various industries and regions. He has expertise in areas such as treasury investments, financial reporting, grant management, administration, procurement, investment management and internal control audits. He is a member of professional organisations in Pakistan such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan (CPAP).

    Nabya Shahid- Media Advisor

    Nabya Shahid is a journalist and has worked for various leading channels such as SAMAA TV and HUM NEWS, where she covered current affairs in the fields of politics, international relations, economy, social affairs and parliamentary affairs. She also writes for news web portals and has a background in mass communication. Nabya has also worked with the National Commission on the Rights of Child on the UNICEF project as a Communications Officer, and has also supported the SDG Task Force on Goal 5 on Gender Quality through the development of action plans at the national level as a Programme Associate of the Parliamentary Task Force on SDGS.

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